Sharing documents

Documents are rarely completely private, so there should be a way to share them with others in a controlled fashion. Pincette lets you share documents or folders with individual users and groups of users. Documents and folders can be shared for consultation only or you can allow others to modify them. It is also possible to share with the general public or with the entire group of authenticated or non-authenicated users separately.

Placing a document in a public folder does not imply it becomes public too. You always have to explicitely share the document. Doing it by accident becomes much harder this way.

Sharing between users is one thing, but that is not enough. It should also be possible to share documents between applications. Pincette enables this through URLs, which are standard web-addresses for resources. Every document is addressable through a legible URL, the path of which is entirely under your control. Because of this, Pincette documents can appear in calendar entries, e-mails, other documents, etc. A great deal of applications can cope with URLs.