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Creating folders

Uploading documents

Updating documents

Opening documents

Deleting documents or folders

Renaming documents or folders

Copy/cut and paste

Sharing documents or folders

Sharing through e-mail


Recent documents

Entering meta-data

Navigating through meta-data

Check out a document

Check in a document

Inspecting versions

Adding links to documents or folders

Show all links

Add annexes to documents

Adding a user

Edit user details

Creating a user group

Add a user to a group

Add a group to a group

Showing all actions

Showing actions per day

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Showing average response time

Showing unique visitors

Importing documents

Opening documents

Comparing versions

Full-text search

Meta-data drill down

Assigning meta-data

Inspecting meta-data


Avoiding e-mail attachments

Using help

Advanced search

Inspecting versions

Going back in time

Users and groups

Switching users

Searching history

On the iPhone

Creating an OPDS-catalogue

Setting quota

Publishing folders