Document safety

Placing documents online makes it more important than ever to prohibit access to non-authorized persons. Therefore credentials have to be provided to Pincette when accessing documents or folders, unless you have chosen to share them with the general public.

You can decide precisely with whom your documents are shared and in what way. A very important safety aspect of Pincette is that a new document is never shared with anybody, no matter where you have placed it the folder hierarchy. You can perfectly share a document without sharing its containing folder and vice versa. Sharing is always an explicit action.

You can't work with documents without pulling them out of the document manager. With Pincette this is done over an encrypted connection, which makes a document unreadable for those who would like to intercept it.

Pincette increases safety because of the way documents are opened. You just have to double-click on them. Downloading and uploading, in case of changes, is automatic. Documents are kept in a temporary space while the user works with them. This is why you never have to keep any copies on your computer. A stolen or lost laptop should not have to compromise sensitive documents.

Another safety aspect is the integrity of your documents. Imagine the connection is lost for some reason while a document is being uploaded. Pincette makes sure you will never have half-written documents on the server. Pincette will revert to the last correct situation in case of a problem of any kind.